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About us

We are BEVIDEA. We are located in Meydan Freezon in Dubai. Our passion is in UAE drinking culture and its ever-changing trends. We love the waves in the oceans, cold beverages in the sun, the multicultured society, and the creative theme-based nightlife scenes. Our mission is to bring great local brands closer to everyone in UAE, regardless of nationality. We want to help our partners rethink the possibilities that the UAE has to offer.

We are a locally grown distributor of bottled alcoholic beverages. Our most important task is finding the best and most unique quality products for the UAE and GCC markets. Our innovative range is hand-picked, preferably from local foreign suppliers who are leaders in their field, and of course, with a focus on a solid sales track record in their respective home market. We work daily to ensure that our partners and customers receive professional advice and the best possible solutions for their needs. We take pride in being service minded and committed, and with us, a deal is always a deal. We always deliver on our promises, whatever it takes.

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